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[IPn] Independent Analysis

Hello Pumpers and Friends,
Rather than a pledge message, I thought I would just forward the 
comments of an independent expert.

>> From: Gail ..................
>> Feel free to send this out (I don't have the address handy for the
>> list-serve).
>> In my professional life, I help non-profits find funding to run  
>> their programs.  I work with medium-sized non-profits - which my  
>> company classifies as those with budgets over $100,000 but less 
>> than  
>> $500,000.  IP is not even a blip on my radar (professionally  
>> speaking). HOWEVER - the numbers of people that are assisted by IP
>> is HUGE compared to similar organizations that support folks with 
>> medical conditions (while not spending a cent on research or new
>> technologies.)  An organization that is one of my clients has a  
>> budget 2 times IP's.  Their client base is 300 people.  300.  Not 
>> 3,000. Their mission is exactly the same as IP's but focuses on a 
>> different disease.
>> IP is a resource that is unlike any other for people with diabetes
>> regardless of type.
>> If you're not happy with the service and support you get on I.P.  
>> then, as Michael so eloquently put it, go somewhere else.  But, if
>> you have received even ONE idea from another's experience on I.P.,
>> then GIVE.  Give ANYTHING.  $5.00, $15.00, $50.00, $500.
>> I will have had Type 1 for 42 years as of February 14, 2014.
>> I have used a pump for 28 of those years (yes, it was the size of
>> a
>> shoe box and had a fixed basal rate of 1.0 u per hour).  I have no
>> complications.  I count my blessings for the advances since 1972. 
>> But, some of the most valuable information I've received is from  
>> right here on I.P.  That is priceless.
>> Thanks for letting me have a moment on the soap box.
>> -gail

To contribute your 2 cents worth, write me, or to donate a real 2 
cents worth just visit:


you can send your 2 cents worth by mail to:
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 	Milpitas, CA 95035

 That's my 2 cents worth for today ;-)
Your servant,
Michael Robinton
Executive Director
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