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[IPk] Fwd: Omnipod and Freestyle test strips

I am forwarding this as it has taken me by surprise.  I haven't digested it,
but I am really struggling with levels always.  I shall contact Abbott and

Tricia Barker

Begin forwarded message:

> From: JaneC <email @ redacted>
> Date: 23 February 2014 06:03:25 PM GMT
> To: Una Vince <email @ redacted>
> Cc: Jo Sands <email @ redacted>, Trish Barker-home
<email @ redacted>, tricia barker <email @ redacted>
> Subject: Omnipod and Freestyle test strips
> Hi all,
> Expect you've heard but in case you haven't I wanted to let you know that
Abbott have advised all Omnipod users not to use the Freestyle strips with the
PDM as they read too low which obviously leads to not enough insulin being
given to cover ourselves and ultimately in higher HBA1c's.
> I've always found this so cross check on occasions with other more reliable
meters such as the Verio and Accuchek Nano. I changed the code from 16 to 18
on the PDM which is fine when BS is in normal ish range but not good for highs
above 14 when it reads higher but again I cross check.
> I raised the issue of high sugars with the unhelpful arrogant MD of Ypsomed
when he came in with Darren Garlish , a Gary someone, who denied this was the
case .
> I called Abbot labs on Friday and they are sending me 400 of the new strips
that will apparently give better/correct readings with the PDM. Ypsomed are
denying it's anything to do with them which is a little contrary as presumably
they would have been involved in the decision to put the older/ faulty meter
in the PDM.
> Apologies if you all know this already but I thought it worth passing on.
> Jane
> Sent from my iPad
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