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Re: [IPk] Sudden change in sensitivity to insulin?

Hi Laura
I hate it when this kind of thing happens. What I would suggest (in 
addition to the other very sensible pieces of advice) is to aim above 
all else for stable BGs, if a bit higher than normal. And just be very 
conservative with bolusing to bring down a high. Try also eating 
consistently, at a similar time each day, with a similar amount of carbs 
(preferably fairly low carbs) so that you minimise the effect of food. 
Just for a few days until things settle. Keep everything as simple as 
you can.

Could be any number of causes - have you changed *anything* about your 
daily life recently? Stress, exercise, alcohol, food (content or 
timing), body weight, etc? Otherwise, could be you're getting ill (for 
some illnesses, my sensitivity initially increases before it decreases), 
just randomly you happen to have picked some good sites for infusion 
sets, or other odd body changes (I go through phases of being very 
hungry, eating a lot and having much increased insulin sensitivity, 
often after a period of much increased exercise - after I came back from 
a 2 week trek to Everest Base Camp, I had this effect of massively 
increased insulin sensitivity for over a month before things went back 
to normal). Or it could just be your body being temporarily weird for no 
apparent reason (I get phases of this too,though usually with the effect 
of decreased sensitivity).
Good luck!

On 21/02/14 11:12, Laura Holborow wrote:
> Hi
> I've emailed my consultant about this, but he's not usually very quick at
> responding, so wondered if anyone here had any ideas please?
> I appear to have become suddenly far more sensitive to insulin than I used
> to be. But not consistently.
> My blood is sliding downwards each evening for the last 5 nights once I'm
> in bed, these slides (whether they result in a hypo or not) are keeping me
> awake for hours, as my body is noticing the slide and won't let me sleep as
> it thinks I'm going low (even if my brain knows I'm not!). It doesn't seem
> to matter what bolus I've had beforehand, so I guess it's a basal thing?
> For example I went to bed with a blood sugar of 18, and didn't correct
> (because I'd been dropping the previous couple of nights). I had last had a
> bolus around 4pm (due to hypos at 6 and 8pm that evening as well I didn't
> bolus for any dinner) a few hours later it was 10. At that point I put a
> temporary basal on reducing my basal quite a lot (can't remember if I
> reduced it to 50% or 25%) and woke up with a blood around 12ish.
> It's doing it with complete unpredictability. Some times during the day I
> also seem to be dropping more quickly than previously - but not every day,
> and not at the same time of day.
> This morning I woke up (after an exceedingly bad night being awake for
> hours) with blood of 15 (due to the low basal I had on to try and stop the
> slide) and had a 2 unit correction (the pump recommended 3 units) an hour
> later my blood was 4 and heading lower rapidly (by the feel of it).
> I've had the infusion set in 2 different sites whilst having these
> problems, so don't think its just one dodgy site. I am about to start from
> scratch with a fresh bottle of insulin/reservoir/set as well.
> I don't know what to change but I can't keep on like this. Any help very
> gratefully received.
> Laura
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