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Re: [IPk] Sudden change in sensitivity to insulin?

Hi Laura

The first thing that comes to mind is this: check your basal settings to
make sure that the clock in the pump is correct. I know, it sounds silly
but I have heard of people accidentally changing AM and PM and making basal
changes to the wrong time of day by accident. It'll take about 10 seconds
to rule this out.

The next thing that comes to mind is the possibility that you've developed
adrenal insufficiency or Addison's disease - have a read of this:
The good news is if it is Addison's, it should require just a daily pill to

Another possibility is hypothyoidism - see


Again, hypothyroidism can be managed with a pill.

If I were you I would contact my GP and request to have both a thyroid
function test and a synacthen test (used to check for cortisol levels)

Info on the tests here:
http://www.patient.co.uk/health/thyroid-function-tests and
http://www.patient.co.uk/health/synacthen-test and

Hope this helps!!

Type 1 19+ years; pump user 18+ years

 On Fri, Feb 21, 2014 at 11:12 AM, Laura Holborow
<email @ redacted>wrote:

> Hi
> I've emailed my consultant about this, but he's not usually very quick at
> responding, so wondered if anyone here had any ideas please?
> I appear to have become suddenly far more sensitive to insulin than I used
> to be. But not consistently.
> My blood is sliding downwards each evening for the last 5 nights once I'm
> in bed, these slides (whether they result in a hypo or not) are keeping me
> awake for hours, as my body is noticing the slide and won't let me sleep as
> it thinks I'm going low (even if my brain knows I'm not!). It doesn't seem
> to matter what bolus I've had beforehand, so I guess it's a basal thing?
> For example I went to bed with a blood sugar of 18, and didn't correct
> (because I'd been dropping the previous couple of nights). I had last had a
> bolus around 4pm (due to hypos at 6 and 8pm that evening as well I didn't
> bolus for any dinner) a few hours later it was 10. At that point I put a
> temporary basal on reducing my basal quite a lot (can't remember if I
> reduced it to 50% or 25%) and woke up with a blood around 12ish.
> It's doing it with complete unpredictability. Some times during the day I
> also seem to be dropping more quickly than previously - but not every day,
> and not at the same time of day.
> This morning I woke up (after an exceedingly bad night being awake for
> hours) with blood of 15 (due to the low basal I had on to try and stop the
> slide) and had a 2 unit correction (the pump recommended 3 units) an hour
> later my blood was 4 and heading lower rapidly (by the feel of it).
> I've had the infusion set in 2 different sites whilst having these
> problems, so don't think its just one dodgy site. I am about to start from
> scratch with a fresh bottle of insulin/reservoir/set as well.
> I don't know what to change but I can't keep on like this. Any help very
> gratefully received.
> Laura
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