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Re: [IPk] Sudden change in sensitivity to insulin?

Hi Laura,

Poor you, sounds like a right drag, especially if you're not getting much
It defintely sounds like a basal rather than bolus issue from what you've
I wondered - have you lost any weight recently or are you exercising more
than normal? Sometimes this can have an affect on your basal requirements.
I also find that when I'm due on that has a big impact on my insulin
requirements, although that tends to be that I need a higher basal rate
rather than lower.

If you're not doing so already, I would try and keep a diary log of what
you're bloods are doing between now and your appointmetn with your
consultant. I know our pumps and blood meters log it, but I always find
seeing it written down simplistically helps me.

Hope you manage to get it sorted and feel better soon.
Alice x

On 21 February 2014 11:12, Laura Holborow <email @ redacted> wrote:

> Hi
> I've emailed my consultant about this, but he's not usually very quick at
> responding, so wondered if anyone here had any ideas please?
> I appear to have become suddenly far more sensitive to insulin than I used
> to be. But not consistently.
> My blood is sliding downwards each evening for the last 5 nights once I'm
> in bed, these slides (whether they result in a hypo or not) are keeping me
> awake for hours, as my body is noticing the slide and won't let me sleep as
> it thinks I'm going low (even if my brain knows I'm not!). It doesn't seem
> to matter what bolus I've had beforehand, so I guess it's a basal thing?
> For example I went to bed with a blood sugar of 18, and didn't correct
> (because I'd been dropping the previous couple of nights). I had last had a
> bolus around 4pm (due to hypos at 6 and 8pm that evening as well I didn't
> bolus for any dinner) a few hours later it was 10. At that point I put a
> temporary basal on reducing my basal quite a lot (can't remember if I
> reduced it to 50% or 25%) and woke up with a blood around 12ish.
> It's doing it with complete unpredictability. Some times during the day I
> also seem to be dropping more quickly than previously - but not every day,
> and not at the same time of day.
> This morning I woke up (after an exceedingly bad night being awake for
> hours) with blood of 15 (due to the low basal I had on to try and stop the
> slide) and had a 2 unit correction (the pump recommended 3 units) an hour
> later my blood was 4 and heading lower rapidly (by the feel of it).
> I've had the infusion set in 2 different sites whilst having these
> problems, so don't think its just one dodgy site. I am about to start from
> scratch with a fresh bottle of insulin/reservoir/set as well.
> I don't know what to change but I can't keep on like this. Any help very
> gratefully received.
> Laura
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