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Re: [IPk] Swimming

Sounds like you did everything right! And next time, just because 
diabetes is like that, it'll probably all go horribly wrong despite 
starting with perfect BGs..
Seriously though, well done and keep experimenting - you'll figure what 
works for you in different situations. The main thing is, as you did, to 
be aware of how insulin works for you and what your body's response is 
to the exercise and to IOB.

On 21/02/14 08:30, Alice Monks wrote:
> Morning everyone,
> Thank you again for all the replies I had last night re swimming. I went
> and thankfully it went well - your tips were really useful!
> So before I went to the pool and when I got back from work, my blood was
> high (around 13). I gave a correction on the pump with the Wizzard, but was
> then a bit worried I'd end up low having given one so soon to swimming. So
> on my way to the leisure centre I suspended the pump (about 15 mins before
> arriving).
> Just before I swam I'd gone down to 12 and then after 30 mins in the pool
> I'd gone down to 8 :-)
> I reconnected and didn't reduced the basal as I might have done before.
> Bloods were normal throughout the rest of the evening and this morning.
> I think next time, if my blood isn't high before swimming, I'll def have a
> snack before and maybe suspend 30 mins (maybe less) before swimming, as I
> can see that my bloods dropped considerably.
> Anyway, thanks again everyone. Appreciated the tips and support as always.
> Here's to a good day of blood sugars for everyone!
> Alice x
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