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Re: [IPk] Swimming

Hi Alice,

Unfortunately, I think it's going to be another one of those trial and
error things, where you experiment and find out what works best for you.  I
started going swimming again a couple of years ago.  I'm certainly no
Olympic swimmer, and probably only swam for around 40 minutes or so, but I
was really surprised with how it affected my blood sugars.  To start with,
I was testing my blood sugars every 10-15 minutes, and was finding that
despite having had a snack an hour prior to starting, having no insulin on
board, and setting a temporary basal an hour and a half before I started, I
was still going low very quickly.  This meant interrupting my swimming to
nip back to the changing rooms to have a small carton of juice and then
waiting a while for my sugars to go back up - all of which meant that my 40
minute swim took a lot longer!

However, while it's a little inconvenient to start with as you work out how
to stabilise your levels, it is worth persevering - the benefits to my
overall control and general mood more than made up for the litres of juice
I initially got through!  In the end, what worked best for me was to set a
temporary basal (of around -40%) 90 minutes before I started, to have a
small banana or similar snack about half an hour before, and to take my
pump off completely for the 40 mins I was swimming. I was initially worried
that this might cause me to rebound with high sugars a few hours later, but
the effects of the exercise seemed to counter this.  With this in mind, I
guess my advice would be to get out there, be vigilant of your sugar levels
to start with, and be open to trying a number of different options until
you find out what suits you best!

All best!


On 20 February 2014 15:54, Alice Monks <email @ redacted> wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> I've not done ANY exercise and I mean ANY in a long while :-( oops! So I
> decided tonight I'm gonna hit my local leisure centre and go for a swim.
> Nothing crazy, just some gentle lengths to ease me back into the world of
> exercise. Prob for about 30 mins max.
> I'm a bit nervous about it impacting on my blood sugars. Usually I'd try
> and go into the pool with a normal / slightly higher than norm b/s to avoid
> a hypo and then give myself a reduced basal for a few hours on the pump
> when I get out.
> Is that the sort of thing other people do? Grateful for any advice
> Thanks,
> Alice
> T1 for 13 years. On a pump for 5. HBA1c 7.7%
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