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Re: [IPk] Re : extreme low carb diet

 Ingrid, apologies for not being clear. Whole almonds are a better choice if
trying to reduce fat intake. Obviously you need to chew them to eat and swallow
but this still does not allow anything like the readily accessible amount if
fats found in flaked or ground almonds.

 Having said that I still enjoy all forms of almonds but use more whole ones.
And yes the other nutrients are available if at lower levels when using whole as
opposed to flaked, nibbled or ground almonds.

 As with everything, it is a matter of choice but getting full information is
often the challenge as we know to our cost.


 P.S. Two of my favourite snack options with almonds is to (1) dry roast or fry
them with a little low salt soya sauce and sesame seeds. Let them cool and store
in airtight container.
 (2) Place some whole almonds in a container and grate some 70% or 80% dark
chocolate and nuke in microwave for 30 secs or so. Again allowed to cool and
stored in airtight container they're a treat snack when I crave a chocolate fix.

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On 20 Feb 2014, at 00:10, Ingrid Glass <email @ redacted> wrote:

>>>> By the way, whole almonds are better for you than flaked or ground since
> the
> human gut cannot break down the whole nut to access the high levels of fat
> but which are accessible in the other formats...
> Hi Rhoda, do you mean whole almonds are better or not better? I'm confused.
> Presumably they're better whole if you're trying to avoid the high levels of
> fat altogether, but then wouldn't you avoid absorbing all the other nutrients
> too? And swallowing them whole is difficult, chewing is very hard not to do!
 > I know flax seeds are (virtually) indigestable unless ground up and if you
> whole sesame seeds, they come out whole the other end! As a vegan I get my
> omega 3 from flax (best vegetable source of it and best balance between omega
> 3 & 6 in flax/linseed) - I grind up fresh flax & almonds, with ground sesame
> and/or hazelnuts, every week or so, keep in the fridge, and sprinkle on
> everything (particularly brekkies - fresh fruit, unsweetened soya yog and
> ground mix). But you've got me wondering about ground vs. whole almonds now!
> Am I missing something here, have I misunderstood what you're saying?
> Nanette - I remember (I think) that your bro is on MDI - how does he manage
> his BGs with low carb diet on MDI with inability to adjust say temp basals or
> give extended boluses for low carb/high protein/fat meals?
> Ingrid
> .
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