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Re: [IPk] Re: ip-uk-digest V5 #356

Hi Pat
Now that makes sense - if I understand correctly, your problem is that 
sleeping during the day is more problematic than sleeping at night. 
Although, this means that if you were to fly at night, sleeping 
shouldn't be a problem.
I'm also very sensitive to all sorts of things and easily get lows and 
highs, so I typically check BG at least once every couple of hours. I 
fly a lot for work (at least once a month, and often more frequently) 
including long-haul, and just keep checking BG every hour or so and 
adjusting. Even if I sleep on flights, I'll still check every hour or so 
as I don't sleep particularly well and tend to wake up a lot.
I wouldn't do anything different wrt your basals etc while flying, just 
treat it as a normal day but test frequently and correct as needed.

On 19/02/14 14:04, P BATES wrote:
> Hello Di,
> Thanks for response.
> I don't know whether other pump users find the same but my basal doses change
 > throughout the day i.e. 'waking hours' and are fairly stable during the
> This means that I have 10 different basal rates throughout a 24 hour period.
 > Perhaps it shouldn't work like this but rates do tend to coincide with my
> patterns. I am - so I've been told, very sensitive to insulin and the
 > slightest changes to doses, carbs intake and exercise can result in hypos and
> hypers. I therefore do need to check regularly throughout the day to stay on
> track.
> I have received advice from my DSN on basal rates and the current regime is
> the best we can achieve together. As for temp basals etc, it is difficult to
> predict what would be needed. This is another option. None of these
> arrangements can be easily managed whilst asleep. I know that there is no
> simple answer. I'll have to manage when the time comes.
> Pat
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