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RE: [IPk] extreme low carb diet and raw food....

I would echo what Di and Joel have said.  You need the plant based minimal
carbs preferably uncooked to preserve the micronutrients, vitamins and
minerals alternatively steamed cooking preserves more than any other form of
cooking.  Again remember that if uncooked a lot of the carbs found in
vegetables are not accessible to the body.

I'm currently looking at incorporating more raw food in my diet but my major
issue at the moment is trying to find scientific evidence of what the carb
contents are to adjust my insulin intake.  

I spoke to the dietitian at the DM clinic I go to and she did not know
anything about this and would not advocate it as it is not taught when she
trained.  Even vegetarianism is not advocated since it has not been the
subject of scientific double blind studies!!!!

Her version of why some carbs are not available are due to fibre!  

I am less than convinced by her knowledge so am doing more research on this
for myself.

If anyone has tried Rebooting with Joe - raw food juicing for limited
periods - I would appreciate speaking to you off-list about this.

I will report back on whatever I do find out.

Meantime, I would not advocate more extreme low carb diet than 30g a day.
You do need the phytonutrients, minerals and vitamins only found in
plant/herb/pulse/seed/nut foods which in fact can contribute a large amount
of protein without resorting to animal or fish products.

By the way, whole almonds are better for you than flaked or ground since the
human gut cannot break down the whole nut to access the high levels of fat
but which are accessible in the other formats... 

Makes me wonder why we don't consider food a greater part of our medical
arsenal ...


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Does anyone know anything about potential adverse effects of a very
extreme low carb diet (more extreme than Bernstein)? can it result in
muscle wasting? deficiencies in vitamins or minerals? or can it be due
to some other complication of diabetes?

Thanks v much
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