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Re: [IPk] extreme low carb diet

I don't want to do this - for all the reasons that you state, and a
few more besides (like chocolate and other carbs that I enjoy eating).
I myself have tried lowish carb diet with benefit to my BG's, but alas
so far have never succeeded in sticking to them for long.
But I have a brother who is drawn to extreme lifestyle options. And
one of those that he has adopted over the last several years is a very
low carb diet (probably not lower than Bernstein now - he told me that
he's modified his original version somewhat!), combined with an
assortment of large amounts (probably never properly tried and tested)
of various herbs and spices recommended by an alternative medicine
practitioner which may well alter absorption of nutrients.
My brother's wife is worried about him, and I'm worried about him too
- and since surpisingly enough he sometimes still listens to his older
sister, I'm trying to see what I can do to persuade him to make at
least minor changes for the better (can't hope for more than that).
So I am grateful for all input.

On 19 February 2014 11:19, Joel Milner <email @ redacted> wrote:
>>>>Does anyone know anything about potential adverse effects of a very
> extreme low carb diet (more extreme than Bernstein)?
>  IIRC the Bernstein diet is pretty low carb as it is (??? <30 g per day???).
> Most plant-derived foods contain some carbs, even something as apparently
 > innocuous as lettuce or broccoli has a few carbs, so if you are going to go
> less than Bernstein, you are going to have to cut back all plant-derived
> foodstuffs, running the risk of deficiencies in micronutrients, vitamins etc.
> Also, there's not much fibre in a skinless chicken fillet.
> Why would you want to do this?
> Joel
> .
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