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Re: [IPk] Long distance travel

Hi Pat

On 17/02/2014 12:55, P BATES wrote:

 > Yes, after 46 years of diabetes my hypo awareness is not good during waking
> sleeping hours.
> Currently I have to reach about 2.5 mmol before awareness kicks in and often
 > feel hypo when I am not. Since being on the pump I am more sensitive to
> but of course when asleep the natural thing to do is sleep.
> This is why I feel the need to be fairly alert and monitor what is happening.

I'm a bit confused about this and why you're worried about falling 
asleep on the flight. Is it that you're worried your BG will be 
different when sleeping on a plane as opposed to sleeping at night 
normally? Do you manage to sleep at night without fear of hypos? Why not 
just set your alarm to wake yourself up every 2 hours and test, while on 
the plane, if you're worried about going low without knowing?

> I hope to get a better type of motion sickness medication which will allow me
> to travel without the need to close my eyes. Any ideas?

I would definitely suggest trying out whatever you get first. Some of 
them give you terrible dry mouth (which sounds like it's not so big a 
deal, but I had some on prescription - forget which ones - and the dry 
mouth was really horrendous and lasted for about 24 hours). And many of 
them make you feel drowsy, which would be a problem if you do need to 
stay awake. But personally, I'd kill two birds with one stone and 
attempt to sleep through the flight (waking to check BG if necessary).
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