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Re: [IPk] Re Long distance travel

If you have to keep your eyes closed (presumably you use a sleep 
mask-type thing) for the whole flight, that could be problematic on a 
longhaul flight where you would need to eat, drink, test your BG, take 
insulin, go to the loo etc. Although if you had someone with you I guess 
you could manage.

I wouldn't worry too much about the drowsiness - after all you sleep at 
night without fear of hypos and hypers! It's no different....and if 
you're flying longhaul you'll want to sleep a bit on the plane, 
especially if you have to have your eyes closed for 8 hours at a time!

On 12/02/14 12:31, P BATES wrote:
> Thank you, Nanette for your advice.
 > Yes, I do take medication for motion sickness which is prescribed by my
> but I have previously taken only short distance flights - two and a half to
> three hours. The medication gets me through but I have to travel with my eyes
> closed from the time that the aircraft begins to move from a stationary
> position, on the ground, until stationary at my destination. This is in order
> to 'cut off' one of the senses which contribute to the motion sickness
> condition i.e. vision and balance. As you might guess all forms of transport
> have a similar effect - unless I'm driving.
> I'll ask my doctor for something which is possibly more effective and adjust
> the time on my pump when I land, as you said.
> I know that some medications cause drowsiness so of course I need to avoid
> those in order to be alert to hypos and hypers.
> Thanks again.
> Pat
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