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Re: [IPk] Banned or suspended from the gym

Hi Angel
As we discussed before, can you not eat something first (if you need to) 
then take your orange juice into the gym while you're exercising? I am 
quite sure that you could find a way to make it work (it might take a 
bit of experimenting). Your immediate concern is avoiding hypos in the 
gym - the OJ will prevent that. You could then eat the long-acting food 
afterwards if necessary (though why not just turn the pump down instead? 
Or are you not on a pump?)

Have you also checked with them whether e.g they would mind you eating a 
jelly baby or two (which may well not count as food to them). Or perhaps 
you could experiment with longer-acting drink as well as the 
faster-acting orange juice if you need something slower-acting as well? 
Not all drinks have such fast-acting carbs. There are options that don't 
involve food.

 From what you've told us, they are only banning you because you've told 
them you need to eat while exercising. If you can find a way to exercise 
without eating food, then you'll be fine.

Technically, they're not banning you from "taking life-preserving food" 
because they're allowing you to take the necessary drinks to rescue you 
from hypos. If you choose not to take them, then that's not really their 

On 12/02/14 10:53, penelope Angel wrote:
> hi di they are not allowing me to use the gym  Last Thursday due to having
> to eat and I can not exercise safely without taking some long acting carb
> at times my diabetes needs are possibly a bit different to  yours in that I
> need to do the things that keep me safe and work for me.  They now say I am
> banned on a generalised concern over my health I expect the eating thing is
> discrimatory so they have a new excuse with no foundation
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