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Re: [IPk] tooth enamel and hypo remedies

 I was really upset when i found out that the diabetes effects your teeth due to
hypo treatments and higher blood suar i have lost a tooth recemtly as it rotted
my tooth from the gum upwards so even good teeth cleaning ect did not help. B I
use small boxes of orange juice from aldi the straw is attached and if i can,t
mix the water and orange i drink water inbetween the sips of juice in the hope
that it will rinse away the juice B . My daughter had those night sheilds for
her B teeth but since she is having orthodontic treatment to align her teeth the
brace seems to have helped , B i feel for you in this because its horrible to be
in pain . I also now use colgate rapid releif toothpaste as my sensedoyne i used
for years appeared not so effective. The mouth rinse sensitive pro relief i also
found helpful but its a bit sore wben you first rinse as its cold, grrr

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From: Diana Maynard <email @ redacted> 
Date: 11/02/2014  13:19  (GMT+00:00) 
To: email @ redacted 
Subject: [IPk] tooth enamel and hypo remedies 
This does bring up an important point. For years I used Lucozade, sweets 
etc for hypos (I hate glucose tablets), having had DM for 35 years. I'm 
also a terrible tooth grinder, especially at night, and also used to 
drink a fair amount of Diet Coke etc. The consequence of the three 
things combined is that since the last few years I have terrible tooth 
damage due to the enamel wearing away. I have perfectly healthy teeth 
otherwise (never had a single filling). I wear a bite guard at night but 
I'm not sure it helps much (I grind my teeth during the day too). I also 
use special extra-fluoride-containing toothpaste on prescription from 
the dentist, alternated with Sensitive toothpaste to stop the pain. If I 
drink even sugar-free juice in the gym (I hate plain water, and I go to 
the gym pretty much every day) my teeth are so sore I can't chew 
anything solid. Trying to restrict now my use of such drinks, but it's 
really hard to find anything I can drink on a regular basis apart from 
plain water, or anything I can use for hypos apart from glucose tablets 

Any suggestions welcome. Using a straw doesn't work for me either, my 
teeth still get coated in the stuff just as much, and it's not practical 
in the gym, when out running etc!

I mostly use jelly babies or Lucozade these days for hypos, depending 
where I am and what I'm doing.

It's hard to tell whether it's the sugar/acid or the teeth grinding 
which are the main problem, but I would imagine the combination of the two!

On 11/02/14 13:00, geminologist1 wrote:
> I use a straw B and it works in a better way for me and does not cause aa
> tooth damage as the lucozade did when i used it in the past
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