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Re: [IPk] fainting due to hypo

I've never done it myself, but I've witnessed it happen to other people 
twice. Once to a complete stranger at a sports tournament who happened 
to be sitting next to me, she fell over backwards and hit her head on 
the wall. I brought her round with glucose gel after discovering from 
her friend that she was diabetic. She had already felt the symptoms of 
low BG, had some chocolate but either it hadn't worked fast enough or it 
hadn't been enough. It also happened to a friend who again was low 
before eating, and the food didn't work fast enough. Again, I brought 
him round with glucose gel and he was fine.
I think if you're also tired, dehydrated or not feeling great, it's 
probably more likely to happen. Also, I sometimes don't have hypo 
warning signs until very late, especially if very tired, but most of the 
time I still have very good signs, so just because you didn't feel it 
once doesn't mean you've lost all your awareness. I wouldn't worry too 
much, but maybe keep an eye out for hypo unawareness in future.

On 10/02/14 14:34, emily wrote:
> Has anyone fainted due to a hypo?  this happened to me on Saturday and really
> frightened me.  I was at the end of a meal in a restaurant and suddenly fely
 > sick and dizzy - no hypo symptoms - and lost consciousness, apparently
 > onto the bloke on the next chair. when he moved I fell onto his chair. I was
 > with my sister who managed to bring me round, but neither of us thought it
> a hypo as loss of consciousness, nausea and dizzyness are not symptoms I've
 > ever had before. Once I'd come to, I tested and my BG was 2.7. We managed to
> prevent the restaurant calling an ambulance and a glass of mango juice sorted
> me out.  I was shaken, but fine and managed to get teh bus home as normal.
> The cause of the hypo is a mystery - I can only guess that my BG test was
> inaccurate and that I bolused for a meal with already low blood sugar.
> Loss of hypo symptoms is also obviously a massive concern.
> But as I've never fainted before, I feel really freaked out that this
> happened.  If anyone has had similar or can shed any light, I'd really
> appreciate it.
> thanks,
> Emily
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