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[IPk] fainting due to hypo

Has anyone fainted due to a hypo?  this happened to me on Saturday and really
frightened me.  I was at the end of a meal in a restaurant and suddenly fely
sick and dizzy - no hypo symptoms - and lost consciousness, apparently falling
onto the bloke on the next chair.  when he moved I fell onto his chair.  I was
with my sister who managed to bring me round, but neither of us thought it was
a hypo as loss of consciousness, nausea and dizzyness are not symptoms I've
ever had before.  Once I'd come to, I tested and my BG was 2.7.  We managed to
prevent the restaurant calling an ambulance and a glass of mango juice sorted
me out.  I was shaken, but fine and managed to get teh bus home as normal.

The cause of the hypo is a mystery - I can only guess that my BG test was
inaccurate and that I bolused for a meal with already low blood sugar.

Loss of hypo symptoms is also obviously a massive concern.

But as I've never fainted before, I feel really freaked out that this
happened.  If anyone has had similar or can shed any light, I'd really
appreciate it.


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