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Re: [IPk] competitive team sports

thanks for the thought, Di.  Perhaps I should take a bit of insulin before
exercise - most recently skiing, and my skiing is unfortunately a *lot* of
exercise. But its all rather unpredictable. Its interesting - steady hill
walking will get me low by 12.00 - climbing or skiing not at all - until
much later. I guess it depends on whether its violent action or steady
aerobic. But the pump (compared with MDI) is wonderful - I can turn it down!

On 6 February 2014 19:17, Diana Maynard <email @ redacted> wrote:

> On 06/02/14 19:01, Steve Boorman wrote:
>> Oh, Di, really hard! Perhaps just some glucose tabs in a pocket? Even the
>> most committed have a moment! My comment is from ignorance - I do usual
>> bolus/basal for a morning's hard execrcise, am high-ish at lunch, and then
>> have to make sure I survive til teatime
> Well, our very short skirts for korfball don't have pockets :-) although I
> do put my pump in a Spibelt sometimes so could put a few jelly babies in
> there, but they'd get very sweaty and sticky!
> However, that doesn't really solve the problem in question - if I've gone
> low it's already too late. And I can usually grab some Lucozade from the
> sidelines during a game if I need to (and/or turn my pump down).
> The problem is more not what to do if I go low, but how to manage the time
> when I'm sat on the sidelines waiting to maybe play - or not. Our coach is
> pretty good about such things in general. Oddly, we have another diabetic
> on the team, a young lad who's on MDI and doesn't even take a meter with
> him to matches. I know because I forgot mine once, thought I could borrow
> his and found he didn't have one! He does what I used to do as a teenager,
> just has a load of sugar before he plays sport and ignores any worries
> about being high. Of course, being a young laid-back male, there's no
> telling him how dangerously he's living his life (I probably wouldn't have
> listened either in my teens).
> Steve, why are you high at lunch? You should be able to fix that. Maybe
> you need to take a little bit of insulin either before or after you
> exercise - some people do.
> Di
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