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Re: [IPk] competitive team sports

On 06/02/14 19:01, Steve Boorman wrote:
> Oh, Di, really hard! Perhaps just some glucose tabs in a pocket? Even the
> most committed have a moment! My comment is from ignorance - I do usual
> bolus/basal for a morning's hard execrcise, am high-ish at lunch, and then
> have to make sure I survive til teatime

Well, our very short skirts for korfball don't have pockets :-) although 
I do put my pump in a Spibelt sometimes so could put a few jelly babies 
in there, but they'd get very sweaty and sticky!
However, that doesn't really solve the problem in question - if I've 
gone low it's already too late. And I can usually grab some Lucozade 
from the sidelines during a game if I need to (and/or turn my pump down).

The problem is more not what to do if I go low, but how to manage the 
time when I'm sat on the sidelines waiting to maybe play - or not. Our 
coach is pretty good about such things in general. Oddly, we have 
another diabetic on the team, a young lad who's on MDI and doesn't even 
take a meter with him to matches. I know because I forgot mine once, 
thought I could borrow his and found he didn't have one! He does what I 
used to do as a teenager, just has a load of sugar before he plays sport 
and ignores any worries about being high. Of course, being a young 
laid-back male, there's no telling him how dangerously he's living his 
life (I probably wouldn't have listened either in my teens).

Steve, why are you high at lunch? You should be able to fix that. Maybe 
you need to take a little bit of insulin either before or after you 
exercise - some people do.
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