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[IPk] competitive team sports

Just wondering how people manage competitive team sports when you never 
know if/when during a match you're going to get substituted onto the 
pitch? I find I have to eat carbs/lower basal rate while I'm sitting on 
the sidelines, just in case I might have to play at some point, but if I 
don't play, then I end up with high BG and have to bolus to bring it 
back down. And if I do play and haven't had extra carbs/reduced basal at 
least 10-15 mins before, then I'm likely to go low in the first 10 
minutes of the match! I find it really frustrating, and coaches can't 
always predict when they're going to bring you on in a game, because it 
might depend on injury or how the game is going.  also don't like to 
fuss too much, as if the coach is going to worry that I might drop low 
if I'm called on urgently, then he's not likely to call on me!

I can't eat and then bolus a little to make up for it if necessary, 
until the end of the match, because if I take that bolus and then have 
to play, I'll certainly go low!

When I play softball, it's fine because there's always time between 
innings etc to have some Lucozade, and because I don't burn that many 
carbs in a match, but in other sports where you're on the pitch for an 
hour or more at a time, and running around like crazy for most of that, 
I use up a lot of carbs and I can't stop to eat/drink unless I'm 
substituted off for the rest of the match.

My solution is to assume I'm going to get substituted on, and eat a 
little/reduce basal, and then have some more Lucozade as I'm called on. 
But if I don't play, this inevitably leaves me with high BG. For a 
one-off it's fine, but when it's frequently it's not great.

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