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Re: [IPk] Banned from the excercise classes for eating!!!

If orange juice works for you then you're halfway there already.

I'm pretty sure if you talked it through with them calmly and 
rationally, you could come up with a mutually agreeable solution. 
Usually they just make some rules and then don't really understand why 
it's a problem.

Eating a few jelly babies would be fine I'm sure. Food like bananas is a 
bit different as it leaves crumbs, litter, smell etc which tends to be 
why they don't like it. Maybe ask them what the specific problem is with 
food, and then you can find something that wouldn't cause that problem.

Alternatively, drinking e.g. orange juice and setting a temp lower basal 
could be an option rather than eating longer acting carbs. You could 
probably eat the longer-acting carbs after the class in any case, if 

They can't ban you for having a medical condition. Maybe make an 
appointment to see the manager and sit down with them and talk it through.

Is it a class that you're doing?

On 06/02/14 17:37, geminologist1 wrote:
 > To be honest not really lucozade or such like rockets my bg and makes me sick
 > and it then drops like a stone i drink orange juice and then depending eat a
> sweets or somthing more long acting B otherwise its pretty random i have very
 > volatile bgs they dont like you getting up or going out and just to put this
 > perspective i haVe been going to the gym for years now i am told even though
 > am a member that i am not allowed to go as i will be putting myself at risk
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