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RE: [IPk] Metal infusion sets Polyfin

Hi Pat

I have asked Angela a few more questions and haven't seen the sites myself
although Angela lives not too far away and we go to the same clinic.  I will
find out a bit more and send her your tips.

I hadn't thought about placing an infusion set against the skin without it
being "in the skin", that's a good idea.


> In message <email @ redacted>,
> Jackie Jacombs <email @ redacted> writes
> >The DSN is adamant that the child cant be allergic to Novorapid.
>  Could it
> >be the adhesive?  Though of course I do know that it is possible to be
> >allergic to the insulin!
> People can be allergic to the plastic, the adhesive, or to the anti-
> bacterial agent.
> When the parent says 'infected', do you mean 'little buggies are having
> a field day in there' or 'it's red and itchy'.  A true infection (bugs!)
> is not related to allergy - except that allergy can make you more prone
> to infection, because it effectively 'wounds' the skin - but with a set,
> you've got a nice deep wound anyway, so an allergic reaction would, I
> guess, make no difference.
> Site infections are pretty rare.  Regular infection would (to me)
> suggest that either something is wrong with the insertion technique
> (badly wrong) or that there is something else going on here that needs
> investigating.
> Allergies, on the other hand are common.  I get a reaction to virtually
> every set.  An allergic reaction is unlikely to be localised to the hole
> - it probably will be all over the immediate contact area, if not all
> over the area stuck down by the plaster.
> One thing they might try (to distinguish allergy from infection) is
> pulling the inserter needle out of a set before sticking it in, and then
> putting it on (not to infuse insulin through, of course).  An allergy
> will almost certainly show up when the cannula isn't in, whereas an
> infection, without the skin break, is unlikely to get started. It won't
> show if the problem is an allergy to the insulin - but trying a
> different insulin will show that.
> Lots of solutions are out there if it is an allergic reaction: the Tape
> Tips booklet by Medtronic is the best solutions-base I know.
> Best wishes,
> Pat
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> Pat Reynolds
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>                     but just you come back in 500 years time"
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