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Re: [IPk] The Pump

Hi Julie
If your control is fine then it's probably not diabetes-related that 
you're feeling tired etc.
Have you been checked for things like anaemia?
I'd go to your doc and ask for some tests.
This time of year does tend to make people feel tired and low as well....
Hope you feel better soon

julie wrote:

>DM 47 years since age of 2
>Just wondered if any one had any advice or had the same experience.
>Went on the pump 11 weeks ago for the first month was so ill nearly gave up
>because I felt so bad.
>Then I felt so much better and had lots of energy didn't feel tiered anymore
>and thought it was great but these last two weeks I feel really bad again I am
>tiered all the time and no energy and just don't generally feel good although
>I don't actually have anything wrong.
>My blood sugars are better than they have been in the past 25 years.
>Is this a general thing or just me.
>Regards Julie
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