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Re: [IPk] Fw: neuropothy for Julie

Hi Julie
Well I would at least try the tablets and see if they work!
Otherwise what do you expect to happen? Sadly there are no magic cures :-(

julie wrote:
> Hi Carnel
> Just looked in my diary and I am due at the foot clinic tomorrow but they
> don't seem to do anything about the neuropathy they just generally check my
> feet are ok and when Ive asked about the trouble my feet are giving me they
> refer me to my doctor for tablets which I haven't been for just the thought
> of taking anti depressants for my feet doesn't seem right.
> Take care
> Julie
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> From: "Carmel Matthews" <email @ redacted>
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> Sent: Saturday, February 25, 2006 2:05 PM
> Subject: RE: [IPk] Fw: neuropothy for Julie
>>Julie, I too have had DM for a long time since the age of 3. When I was
>>21 I suffered loads of complications all at once one of which was
>>autonomic neuropathy. My feet used to feel like they were on fire and I
>>remember keeping a bucket of cold water by the bed to relieve the pain, I
>>used to plunge my feet into the water as I woke up screaming in pain! It
>>improved with more intensive treatment and more attention to my diabetes
>>and I was keft with a cotton wool sensation to my feet but they are not
>>In fact sometimes I get excruciating shooting pains in my feet and like
>>you I find walking difficult. the pain has never been as bad as initially
>>and sometimes the burning I get is worse than others I take vitamin B 6
>>to help and you can get the larger dose prescribed by your gp as you can
>>no longer buy it over the counter. I have also been prescribed various
>>drugs in the past carbemazepine springs to mind but they did not make any
>>difference to me although some people find they help. I had not had my
>>feet checked for years and was so worried I went for a private
>>consultation where a number of drugs were suggested but I was not keen on
>>taking anything else that might have any neurological side effects, as I
>>am not that fit anyway and am on enough drugs as it is!
>>Have you had your feet checked, I wonder is that part of the diabetic
>>examination now as even when I changed consultants  noone looked at my
>>feet whereas I can remember years ago it was part of the annual MOT. The
>>pump did improve control but that did not have any affect on my feet !
>>Hope you get it sorted love carmel
> .
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