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[IPk] carb boluses HELP NEEDED

Hi Jackie

 Although adult I feel I respond in many ways like Sasha although I don't have
gluten problems. I am about 40kg. I feel you are struggling with the problems of
variable absorption of insulatard. I used bd insulatard and changed to glargine
- it didn't suit me as I need a lower basal when asleep in general. I used to
have great problems with breakfast and post breakfast highs - I used to do crazy
things like have my am insulatard, take the children to school, come back have
my meal-time bolus injection and had to wait about 1/2hr until eating or have a
very small breakfast and have a larger something mid am. I'm not advocating
anyone doing that, but it was the problems with insulatard. Huge changes using
the pump, I do need to bolus 1u/10gm for breakfast but it's been amazing having
peaks of 7 -8mmol with no plummet before lunch. Still have times of course when
you do similar things eat similar amounts and get completely different results -
it's the challenge of diabetes!
  , don't your team realise, they seem to be putting you under a lot of

Good luck

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