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RE: [IPk] Carb boluses and post meal levels HELP NEEDED

Hi Jackie

I had the same issue with Novorapid pre-pump. I was told by my
endocrinologist that he would never have advised me going on Novorapid -
since he thinks this is more suited to people who still have between main
meal snacks (it may start working faster than Humalog but it also lasts
longer in most people) so Humalog suited me better pre-pump and is OK now I
am on the pump.

If I wake with a high - I always correct and try to leave breakfast until
later which I guess is a similar scenario.

Good luck

>We also found that when we get the insulin to carb ratio correct, to get
>evening post meal levels under 8 mmol then Sasha is then lowish by 11.30 pm
>and for several nights we have had to give milk or lucozade at 11.30pm 2.30
>am and 7.15 am.  So we concluded that we couldn't go on like this and
>reduced the overnight basal insulin which is Insulatard.  Now this effects
>the morning BGL and we are getting worse levels again in the morning until
>lunch time.

>Do any of you give the Novorapid or Humalog 10 minutes before Breakfast??
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