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RE: [IPk] Carb boluses and post meal levels HELP NEEDED

Hi Di

I think we will have to try giving the insulin about 10 minutes prior to
breakfast.  In the past when Sasha woke up high we would give one or two
units immediately and the normal insulin to carb for breakfast 20 -25
minutes later.  The Glos consultant seemed to think that it would be ok to
give the whole dose earlier if we were only waiting 20 -25 minutes.  The
only thing about that is that Sasha may decide not to eat as much breakfast
as she often is not so hungry if her BG is high.  When we spoke to the DSNs
and dietician running the carb counting class they weren't keen on the idea
of giving the insulin before hand!  But then we are talking about the levels
been raised now and again and not everyday.

Terry has been taking much more interest in the diabetes management and has
said how complicated it is.  I don't think he realised before as its been
mostly me who spends the time surfing the internet for info and buying the

Sasha dealt with one or two unusual situations quite well this afternoon.
Because she was still 12.0 mmol at lunchtime she had 3 units of NR (she
usually only has 2 units for about 40 -45 carbs.  Terry didn't realise they
would still have games in the snow.  So Sasha tested before games and was
4.5 and had a biscuit and a couple of glucose tabs, then halfway through she
tested again and was still only 4.6 mmol and they were running around a
large field and she was also staying late after school until 4.30 pm (play
rehearsals) and knew that she wouldn't get another snack until about 4.45.
So she had another biscuit and some more glucose tablets.  When I collected
her she was 4.5 mmol.  I thought that shed sorted it out pretty well!!

She also said that when the teachers weren't looking they put their games
kit (tracky bottoms and top) OVER their school clothes because it was sooooo
cold!!!  Good thinking.


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> Hi Jackie
> I know just what you mean about having the same meal, same BG
> levels etc and
> vastly differing results! I get that all the time, which is why I
> love the
> pump so much - I just deal with it by testing and adjusting, and
> not worrying
> too much about why....
> On the breakfast front, I'd definitely experiment with taking the insulin
> before the meal. It does sound as if the carbs are acting faster than the
> insulin, so this would make sense. Ignore the DSN etc.... Try it and see!
> Just be careful that you don't give the insulin and then she gets
> sidetracked
> or whatever into not eating breakfast soon after!
> D
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