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RE: [IPk] Carb boluses and post meal levels HELP NEEDED

Hi Eleanor

Oats are not usually recommended for children with coeliac.  Although oats
contain a different protein to gliadin in wheat , oats available in the UK
are seldom pure oats and are usually contaminated by other crops so oats are
not recommended for kids or sensitive adults with coeliac.  In some other
countries you can get pure oats more easily than the UK.  Basically the jury
is still out on whether oats are "safe".  There are various forms of GF
porridge but the twins think they are all disgusting.  I have tried them too
and they are!!!  They are also quite high GI too so not worth buying really.
Porridge is one of the things that the twins used to love before coeliac,
though I always had trouble dosing for porridge.

I think that we will have to try giving the insulin 10 minutes before a meal
unless Sasha is low before hand.


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> Diana Maynard wrote:
> > On the breakfast front, I'd definitely experiment with taking the
> > insulin before the meal. It does sound as if the carbs are
> acting faster
> > than the insulin, so this would make sense. Ignore the DSN etc.... Try
> > it and see!
> > Just be careful that you don't give the insulin and then she gets
> > sidetracked or whatever into not eating breakfast soon after!
> I take my Novorapid while I'm getting dressed in the morning.  From then
> until I'm actually sitting eating is often 10 minutes or more.  I feel
> in less of a hurry if my BG is higher but even if it's 4 I can wait
> while I get dressed and cook a bowl of porridge and suffer no ill-effects.
> Regarding breakfast cereals, can Sasha eat oats?  They are certainly
> meant to be low GI.  I put dried fruit in my porridge, which makes it
> sweeter without adding sugar or sweetener - you have to count the carbs
> in the fruit, of course.
> 	Eleanor
> dx 2002 aged 24, Novorapid/Lantus
> .
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