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Re: [IPk] Carb boluses and post meal levels HELP NEEDED

Hi Jackie
I know just what you mean about having the same meal, same BG levels etc and 
vastly differing results! I get that all the time, which is why I love the 
pump so much - I just deal with it by testing and adjusting, and not worrying 
too much about why....

On the breakfast front, I'd definitely experiment with taking the insulin 
before the meal. It does sound as if the carbs are acting faster than the 
insulin, so this would make sense. Ignore the DSN etc.... Try it and see!
Just be careful that you don't give the insulin and then she gets sidetracked 
or whatever into not eating breakfast soon after!


Jackie Jacombs wrote:
   We are still getting huge post breakfast
> peaks 2 hours after meals when we check especially breakfast.  The only time
> we don't get huge peaks is if the blood sugar level before breakfast is low
> from 3.8 to 4.5 mmol but then we also risk low BGL towards 12.15 lunchtime.
> If Sasha's BG is higher then the Novorapid doesn't work fast enough with the
> meal digestion, even if we add extra units of NR.  Sasha cant have stuff
> like Weetabix, Shredded Wheat of a lower glycaemic value because of coeliac.
> She has no sugar or even  sweeteners on cereals and we do give GF brown
> grain bread, but this is still not like giving wholemeal ordinary bread.   I
> feel under pressure all the time because this seems to be what the Glos DSN
> interpreted as not being able to carb count properly.  I did suggest giving
> the NR prior to the meal but the dieticians and another DSN didn't seem to
> think that this was a good idea.   Sasha has a breakfast very similar each
> day of about 60 grams of carb.  If her BG is low to normal we give about 5
> units.  If she is higher we increase to 6.5 units.  However if she's higher,
> its often been higher for a long time and then she has increased insulin
> resistance.
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