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Re: [IPk] Brain tumours/pump holiday/Spirit

>I know we've had this discussion before, but have you tried
>alternative sites other than your abdomen?

I'm pondering that, Di. Thanks for your thoughts :-)

>I didn't know the Spirit was on the market yet. What's so good about
>it (as opposed to any other pump? Just out of interest. I couldn't
>find much on the web about it.

Different things happen in different countries at different times for 
various reasons...

I did a Google, and got loads of hits, till I found I'd searched on 
Distronic Spirit ;-)

I'm a lazy old sod, and they are inviting me to try it, so try it I 
will. No doubt I'll find 12 things about it I don't like. Or perhaps 
I won't :-) I'll let you all know!

If your German's good, there's a page about it here:

And a US angle here:

Slightly old news maybe, but I saw this paragraph on the above page:

Update: July, 2003 The FDA has halted  importation of any new 
Disetronic insulin pumps into the U.S. This action  comes from 
problems with manufacturing documentation and company procedure. 
European manufacturing emphasizes use of master craftsmen who 
construct  each pump from start to finish before comprehensive 
testing is done to ensure  the pump meets very high standards. The 
FDA prefers a more piecemeal, add  a part, then test, approach to 
manufacturing. Roche, the parent company,  plans to reintroduce a new 
line of insulin pumps into the U.S. when these  issues are resolved.

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