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RE: [IPk] Child diabetics denied life-saving therapy


 he was on MDI, but we tried to miss out the lunch injections unless he was
above 15. THe reason for this being that if I went into school and gave an extra
injection he could still be high at home time, but if I didn't he would not be
any higher! There was no pattern to it. He is on Novomix now until the pump is

 I don't know how his teachers stand with giving bolus's because thats
administering a medication and I don't know if they are able to do that. Lots of
things to sort out, which can only be done when he actually is using the pump I


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Hi Marie
If Findley has a packed lunch, you could work out the carbs beforehand, and 
write the bolus amount on a label with his food. Then it would be easy for his 
teacher to do the bolus. Although obviously if he was high or low, that might 
need to be adjusted - again you could set up a sliding scale of adjustment 
doses. I know there are people who do something similar.

Was he on MDI before the pump? If so, it shouldn't be that different really.

If his teachers are happy to do the blood test, I don't see why they couldn't 
do the bolus. Or he could even do it himslef (though you'd probably want to 
have a teacher check he'd done it right).
Good luck!

Owen Turrell wrote:
> Hi Karen,
> Congratulations on the pump! You sound really positive about it.
  > I was just wondering how old Paul is? My son, Findley starts on the pump
 > week and I am wondering how he will cope at school. He is 4 and his teachers
 > his blood sugars for him, but I think it is too much for them to do his
> as well.
> Any suggestions gratefully received.
> Marie, mum to Findley, 4, dx'd 2001
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