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[IPk] RE: ip-uk-digest V2 #962

Hi Karen,

so glad to here that Paul loves the pump!

We have found Jamie goes high playing some of the playstation games which
must be adrenaline related.

Also we get a lot of evening highs due to growth hormone which are a bit
unpredictable to say the least so we do a lot of corrections but I figure
its so much easier to correct with the pump.

Jamie's just been invited on a  3 day/2 night rugby tour in Glasgow in 4
weeks time. One night is staying out with families! 

Also just learnt that Jamie's been having Walkers Worcester Sauce flavoured
crisps every day at school since October  so am now worried about liver cancer
from Sudan 1 dye.

Carry on pumping and don't panic too much

MAggie (mum to JAmie aged 12  Dton + pump)

>From: "DARRELL HAGREEN" <email @ redacted>
>Subject: Re: [IPk] Child diabetics denied life-saving therapy
>Great news! Paul has been pumping one week now and he loves it! Blood sugars
>have been a bit erratic but it is early days and at least we can correct
>within two hours. He has played football three times and he has been ok.
>He went back to school yesterday and I had a phone call at 10.30am saying
>Paul BS was 27.1 and we had no correction dose for that! so I had a mad

>panic and dashed to school thinking there was must be something wrong with
>the set, everything was fine when I got there, but the headteacher had 
>announced to the school about the pump and Paul had to stand up in front
>everyone. I think it was mainly adrenaline because I gave a correction of
>units and he came down to 12.7.
>I am checking him twice during night and about every 2 hours during day,
>it is still early days.
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>Sent: Monday, February 21, 2005 8:55 PM
>Subject: RE: [IPk] Child diabetics denied life-saving therapy
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>> Hi all
>> On this subject, we heard a few days ago that Jimmy has been approved
>> pump
>> therapy.
>> Obviously we are v. happy : ).
>> Claire
>> Mum to Jimmy, age 7, dxd 5 yr ago.
>> .
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