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[IPk] Re: pump features


I'd also like to be able to personalize the assumptions about insulin
on board, though I think my pattern is less far from uniform than
yours, so I am less affected by this.
Regarding the temporary raised or lowered basal rates, I agree that
automatically presented intelligent suggestions would be nice, but I am
so much enjoying the greater flexibility of temporary basal rates
compared to my previous pump - of being able to specify exactly how
long the temporary basal is to continue. Why would it make any
difference regarding to having to eat for a hypo - as it is you can, so
long as you have the mind to do so when hypo, specify a much reduced
basal rate for half an hour, and thus get away with eating very little
if anything (depending on just how low your BG) - I do this frequently,
and it seems to work reasonably well. If at the end of half an hour I
am still borderline hypo, then I set a low basal rate for however much
longer seems appropriate, depending on activity, and if I plan to eat a
meal anyway etc. I find that my basal insulin requirement is acutely
sensitive to current blood glucose level, so if I am borderline hypo
and not about to eat a meal, I may set basal rate to 80 or 90% of its
usual level for a couple of hours or more.
>Just another point about the Cozmo too. You can program the Cozmo for 
>own sensitivity. The default is that insulin remains active for 3 
>but for example in ME, insulin remains active for 4 hours, so I have
>Cozmo set to do that. One minor irritation I have with the IOB
>that the Cozmo assumes that 25% of all the insulin is being used in 
>hour (for my 4hr duration), and that all insulin is used at the 5 hour

>mark. So at the end of hour 1, if I have given 10 units (not that I 
>would, but this is easiest for illustration), I will have 7.5 units
>board", at end of hour 3, there will be 2.5 units on board etc. I
>like to be able to say 'Insulin has its strongest action in me at 
45mins - 
>1hr 45mins, and is less before and after'. In effect, if I could 
>that myself, my pattern would be something like this:
>Bolus time: 100% insulin on board
>45min: 95% IOB
>1hr 45min: 40% IOB
>2hr30min: 25% IOB
>3hr: 10% IOB
>4hr: 0% IOB

>I would also love it if the pump were to take into account my BG and 
>me an automatically lower/higher temporary basal rate - again which I 
>override. That way I won't necessarily have to eat for a hypo 
(depending on 
>severity), the pump will make allowance (and let the user specify the 
>period over which it should occur. So, for example, if my BG was 
24mmol, I 
>might want the pump to adjust it down over 4 hours, whereas with a low

>3mmol, say, I would want that sorted out within 30 minutes).

>Just my thoughts...


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