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Digestion, was:Re: [IPk] reply to Rhoda - more creaking bits

Hi June..and others..
I am just catching up with this thread with interest. You sound very like  
me, June! My digestive problmes are dx as colitis (in remission) and IBS.  
 Mentioned gstro but no-one, not even the consultant, seems to take this
But the food issues are very similar. For instance, this am, BG 11.4.  Now, 
that is high for me, specially on waking. But, and forgive me if this is  too 
much information, bowels are movng slowly right now! DSN suggested two  
 basals..one for 'slow' days and one for days when I can't keep off the loo! But
as I
tried to point out to her, and I assume it's the same for you, I have  no way 
of predicting what will happen and there is no nice, set pattern to  it.
But the predicting food absorption is next to impossible. I try very hard,  
 but struggle to get it right despite starting with similar BG's and eating same
 food, the results can be different each time. I too use Omeprazole, plus  
Alverine Citrate and Loperamide when needed. 
One other point, and this was gleaned from here, rice can be very slow to  
digest. I now avoid eating it at night (I eat late due to my job) as every  
single time I did I would end up with a high in the early hours that simply  
 wouldn't come down, no matter what. I have been told that Basmati is better,
but I
always use that anyway. It's a bummer as rice is one of the few foods that  
doesn't irritate my digestive system!
take care
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