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[IPk] Re: pump features


sorry for delay in answering - I wanted to check out a couple of things
and make sure my answers are correct.
By the way, I'm curious to know which pumps you are referring to!
>Hmm, seeing as I might be looking for a new pump in April, or might be
>waiting for the trial later this year (it is not so much an
>'experimental' pump, as a pump that isn't yet on commercial release,
>however, it's from a company that might not be able to meet my
>requirements for customer response). ....

>You seem to be saying that if I eat, and bolus, and then ask the pump
>how much to bring down from a high, it will use 'insulin on board',
>if I correct, and then, an hour later, ask how much to bring down, it
>won't caculate 'insulin on board'.  That seems to me to be exactly the
>wrong way round.  

Firstly, with the Cozmo, it has a correction feature, but you do not
need to use it, you can set up the pump so that you simply bolus
exactly the number of units of insulin that you want when you want to,
without having the pump try to 'help' you at all.

If I eat and bolus, and then an hour later ask the pump to give a
correction bolus, it will ask me to enter my BG (like you I consider
everything above 5 to be undesirably high - obviously I would not in
general try to do a correction to 5 an hour after eating, since I would
hope to be on the way to 5 due to the pre-meal bolus), and it will
calculate how much to correct taking into account 'insulin on board',
and it will write this on the screen - if I wrote my original email
otherwise, I apologize for the confusion. However note that at any
point, you have to ok the correction amount that it calculated, and you
can always raise or lower the amount if you know something the pump
doesn't or if you just have a gut sense that it is wrong.

Likewise if you give a correction bolus, and then try to correct again
an hour later, it will remind you that you have 'insulin on board', and
again adjust the calculation for the insulin on board.

Furthermore, there is a feature (again optional - you decide if you
want to use it or not) that everytime you give a meal bolus, offers you
the option of a correction bolus too, and here (and this is where I may
have been confused, now have the manual open in front of me) if you
have insulin on board from a previous bolus, the default, which you can
override, is not to do a further correction, and if there is no insulin
on board, the default for a correction is Yes, which you can also
override of course.

What I had been trying to say was that I was apprehensive about all the
features of the pump calculating things for me, since I feel that
sometimes I made decisions, which worked well, based on gut feelings
and assorted additional information about mood, stress, etc etc which
the pump would not have available. However I find that there is a lot
of flexibility and a lot of ways to personalize the menus etc so that
you only see the parts you want to use, and the one semi-automated
feature that I do use - the correction options, works much better for
me that I would have guessed - but I suppose only my next HbA1c will
prove whether that is really the case.

I hope I have now written all this clearly. I sometimes feel as if all
my clear coherent thinking time is being taken up by assorted work
projects at present - and one of them even about DM - my one person
battle to educate Nuclear Medicine physicians and technicians to try to
ensure that diabetics who need to have PET scans with radioactively
labelled glucose get sensible advice so that the images are of
diagnostic quality!
best wishes

>Could you repeat/clarify: what happens if I correct, but am (as one
>would expect) still high an hour later?  What happens if I eat, and am
>high an hour later?

>'High', in the way I work it now, is _anything_ over 5.

>Best wishes,


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