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Re: [IPk] reply to Rhoda - more creaking bits

Hi Michele and Pat and All

Michelle -I have been reading with interest the discussions about digestion. 
I am trying to work out my insulin with reference to gastro paresis, 
digestion and the pump.  I will reply to Pat's interesting message re how 
she corrects further on but as you said you are a Nutritional Medicine 
Practitioner I wonder if such a person will be able to help me.  I just do 
not know who to go to in order to get answers on this.  Prof Pickup at Guys 
does not answer questions on it.  I have managed to get an appointment for 
March through him for a consultation only with Guy's Gastroenterology 
Department but wonder if I shall get anything more from this than "This is 
something you have to put up with".  The Prof didn't sound hopeful.    Would 
someone in your profession be able to offer help - indeed do you have any 
advice?  I have no idea when the food is going to move and whether the sugar 
will be high or low.  I do not understand how digestion works.  At what 
point does the insulin work on the carb?  Is it when it reaches the stomach, 
when moves to the intestines or some other time?  Is it the GI that is 
causing the problem?  What is the effect of the constipation and diarrhea 
(sp?).  I seemed much better before Christmas and since then when I was told 
to alter the basals I just can't get any control.

For instance.  I eat later last night at 9.00 pm, bg was 10.6 (having  had 
low bg 3.4 at 6.00 pm and taken 15 Lucozade which should have gone with 
basals 0.3.  Was working on degree work into the night so going to bed late. 
For the evening meal had 42 carb (mainly rice) and at 1:5 had 7.2 bolus plus 
1 for correction.  11.00 pm 17.9,   At 11.00 pm was 17.9, midnight 14.2 (I 
thought good, coming down at last) 2.00 am 14.3. (changed mind that it was 
coming down and thought pump had problem so changed set - I know this 
shouldn't be done in the night)  4.00 am 6.6.  Thought good and went to bed. 
8.00 am very bad hypo tested every 15 mins with more Lucodade - bgs 1.8, 1.5 
2.1, 5.7 - exhausted and extremely cold went back to sleep for Sunday 
lie-in.  11.00 am bg 16.3.  Had breakfast (Weetabix)  1:7 plus 2 for 
correction and at 3.00 pm was still 17.2.  and had lunch, soup, prawns and 
fruit - now 5.15 pm, bg 11.  No correction as may well come down in next 
hour and I can't face more hypos!!!!

Sorry about that.  It is a particularly bad day and they are not all like 
this.  Sometimes the insulin and carbs are matched and I have no problems 
and almost meet my targets.

Pat I read you do a dual bolus over 7 hours so your problems sound similar 
but is this so every day and how do you know if it will be 7 hours or not? 
I can't do corrections when it's just over 7 as so often the insulin will 
still be working and there may be some basal there which may also work at a 
different rate.  You say the results are not reliable in the first 2 hours 
after meals so how can you correct?  How is it your bgs don't rise after 
eating?  The figures you quote are so beautifully low I envy you and I could 
correct in the way you do if mine were near that but ....  As you say, if I 
were 10 no way would I try to get to 5 or I might miss it and go hypo.  I 
would aim for about 7 at present.  You restore my confidence that it can be 
done.  I had it correct before Christmas and the Prof was very proud of me. 
But then I had some of my meal insulin as part of the basal and cutting that 
out I just can't get balance and don't know if it's the control that is the 
problem or the digestion.  BTW Michelle I am taking medication, Omeprazole 
and Domperidome as well as non-relevant ones (and I am trying DigestAid from 
HealthyDirect which has helped sometimes).

Rant over.  Sorry this was so long.  Can anyone help me with any ideas 

June  PS  It's come down rapidly over the last half hour, I can feel it and 
is now down to 5.7.  Doubt if I shall get round to meal time.

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> Thanks Rhoda,
> Roman Chamomile and Aloe vera sounds great (soothing, healing and
> anti-inflammatory topically) may be worth taking Aloe Vera whole leaf
> concentrate internally also. -strengthens immune system, helps regulate 
> blood
> sugar (I have a bottle in the fridge but keep forgetting to take it...!)
> No, I'm not a qualified naturopath, but a nutritional medicine 
> practitioner
> whose training involved naturopathy.
> Michele
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