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Re: [IPk] reply for Miriam - gluten and BG control and omegas

I feel for you and Grace, and it's a drag when you know what would help, but
it is true that if there's no gluten in the body then the tests will be
negative and you're back to square one. Painful as it is, you'll have to push
for the biopsy to get 'official status'. It might only need to be a few days
on gluten to show up in the tests? I'm not really sure. Someone ought to know
though. Does Grace get stomach cramps and diarrhea on gluten? If so, you can
strengthen your case if your health care providers are sympathetic - as we
know those symptoms cause blood sugar disruption, and I think most staff are
more concerned with DIABETES than with issues of the gut that have less

As for the dairy and juicing issues, it's not their fault I guess - their
training doesn't cover it. I have to remind myself of this when I am seeing
dieticians etc as a patient, even though I want to scream.
I wonder where your nearest nutritional medicine practitioner is - we often
have to liase with GPs etc on a professional basis. You might be lucky enough
to live near someone who is respected enough to be able to help you and Grace
get things moving faster?

I'm sure that I'm perceived as a crank, but try not to lose faith! (difficult
sometimes though...)
You'll get there.
Kindest regards
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From: "Miriam Connor" <email @ redacted>

> Thanks Michele,
> To aid the pump start we went gluten free without testing and Grace was
> really balanced even though the foods are high glycemic++.
> Grace is on gluten now, awaiting testing and it is a nightmare as her
> absorption is the pits and sometimes spikes at mad times. I struggle too as
> the team won't trust my belief of coeliac and  insist on doing the bloods
> first whereas I would prefer to go straight to biopsy and save the amount
> time Grace is being exposed to gluten. Ce la vie!
> Many thanks
> Mir
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> From: "Michele Couzens-Eason" <email @ redacted>
> To: <email @ redacted>
> Sent: 19 February 2005 16:28
> Subject: [IPk] reply for Miriam - gluten and BG control
> > Hi Miriam,
> > personally, I tend to correct high BG levels as soon as I get a result
> over
> > 10, and tend to check results about an hour and a half after food. I do
> rely
> > on the basals to get it right though, and change them several times
> the
> > month (which shouldn't be appropriate for Grace for a long time yet of
> > course!)
> >
> > Why do you expect control to be more tricky with totally gluten-free
> is
> > it because the foods tend to be higher in carbs?
> > I haven't noticed any relationship to being coeliac and diabetes control
> > don't think. Other coeliacs could probably be more help. Joy who has
> recently
> > joined the pumpers list  probablyhas more experience of both than I have.
> > Michele
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