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RE: [IPk] reply for Miriam - gluten and BG control

Hi Pat

I agree that what we are told about the GI is not always easy to use without
some thought and knowledge of what works.  As you say, no one eats a pizza
base only its own.  Other food that is high GI might well be slowed down if
eaten with a creamy sauce. When you eat a meat and two veg meal the food is
all mixed up

However before Sasha went GF we found that pasta with bolognaise sauce was
slow to absorb partly because of the Durum wheat used in pasta however with
the GF pasta which is corn or rice and or potato flour we don't have the
same problems even though the sauce is the same.  The same is true for the
GF pizza's.  Mine you the readymade GF pizza's have a very skimpy topping!!!
When we make our own toppings with more cheese etc we do get a slowing down
of the absorption and a BG rise later.

At the moment we are having problems with Sasha post meal BG levels.

The carb counting classes we are going to pre pump are getting us to do post
meal checks at two hours after meals and I know in the past that when we
have done  checking the two hour post meal levels were fine, but at the
moment we are finding much higher levels than usual 2 hours after a meal.
We are gradually increasing the doses but still seem to be either over or
undoing things.
Sasha is much less active this week it being half term and having to spend
several hours sitting around the hospital on some days.  Its also cold out
and no kids are out and about this week cos they are away on holiday so the
twins are mostly inside playing on the puter or drawing.


 From my reading, I don't think it is as simple as 'this food or that
> food' is high or low GI.  For two reasons.  Only around 70% of people
> have that particular reaction to that particular food.  And the figures
> apply to the food eaten _alone_.  Who in their right mind eats just
> pizza base???? What makes the difference to speed is whether you put
> loads of cheese and meats on top, or tomato and rucola.
> GI is preached about as if it were as easy as CHO, and it seems to me it
> it's much harder.  It's something that everyone has to experiment with,
> and find for themselves what works for them.
> It seems to me that 'low GI' is used as an index of virtue, where in
> fact GI has no more virtue that 'temperature' - i.e. if it is the right
> GI/temperature for you, at that time, then great.  But being this hot or
> that cold, this or that GI has nothing in itself which is good or bad.
> Cheers,
> Pat
> --
> In message <email @ redacted>,
> Jackie Jacombs <email @ redacted> writes
> >Also GF
> >pasta made with rice or corn or potato flour is not low GI like normal
> >pasta.  The GF pizza bases are not slow absorbing either.  Potato is also
> >high GI unless its roasted or chips.  All GF bread and biscuits
> are high GI
> >and there is always so much added sugar in any GF cakes or
> biscuits they are
> >always off the scale too.
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