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RE: [IPk] for Rhoda - more creaking bits

You're not interfering, Michele.  I'm asking for suggestions/input.  I've
run out of ideas and don't want to keep using steroids in creams, tabs and
inhalers!  Pat, I'm on a combined inhaler (Seretide250) that combines
non-steroidal and steroidal inhaler.  You want to see the state of my tongue
despite drinking water after each lot of puffs!

Michele, I've never heard of Neem cream.  I'll do a Google search on it.

A friend who is a complementary holistic therapist (fully qualified and now
a tutor at an F E College) is making me up a cream of Roman Chamomile and
Aloe Vera.

I'll use that while I check out and source Neem cream.

Remind me, Michele, you're a naturapath aren't you?

Thanks everyone.

I'm just wondering whether there may be a difference in response from GP to
a female vs male patient presenting with my symptoms... I know that research
tends to indicate that women tend to have multiple visits before cardiac
problems are checked out.  More so than men.  I actually quite trust this
doc - and he's a new one - i.e. 5 months ago I switched after being thrown
off previous list - along with 349 others I hasten to add. Postcode lottery.

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