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Re: [IPk] More creaking bits...<G>

Hope you are feeling better. My son has had chronic eczema and is allergic
to steroids and penicillin. It has been a helluva learning curve over the
years but some elements tend to hold true, regardless. One is that to heal
the skin you need omegas which are fundamental to the functioning of the
prostaglandin's. Flax oil is long identified as beneficial in Diabetes so if
you can stand it it will be good for you regardless...... Udo's does an oil
( Health food stores) that can be gotten in capsule form to add to your
rattle factor. I have often wondered in terms of Diabetes but for eczema the
omegas are absorbed sufficiently through the skin. If you rub it away from
any effected skin and within a few days your nose will be shiny and hair
too! it's a great way to get omegas into kids.
I'm sure you know that keeping the eczema moisturised is crucial or the skin
hasn't the capacity to heal itself and break the cycle. If you are having
flare-ups might it be something in your diet or change of detergent ? If you
are intolerant of certain foods such as dairy ( as opposed to allergic) you
may need to detox for a few weeks and then you may be able to take them
again. There is a huge "overload" factor where if you tolerate one
particular thing it may become a trigger if you are exposed to dustmites,
chlorine etc in an accumulated way. It is so tiring and debilitating to fell
itchy. I hope you get some relief. Regardless of what actions you take to
treat it. Omegas are crucial and if you are "breaking" down then you can be
sure you have a deficiency. Hope some of this is of use.
Mum to Grace 5yrts dx 10.03 and pumping 5mths and Brian 9yrs-

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Subject: [IPk] More creaking bits...<G>

> Saw my GP yesterday who thankfully has a sense of humour and is on the
> ball!
> Back on steroids for asthma (better than going into hospital!), steroid
> cream for eczema that is on persistent flare-up mode at present.  Any
> suggestions as to what triggers this?
> Also angina which used to be very occasional, has gone haywire recently
> at rest.  So now added another pill to the shake, rattle and roll routine
> daily.  Isosorbide mononitrate 60 mg (aka Monomax SR 60).  Apparently it's
> an old, well tried and tested med for angina.
> Just started taking it yesterday and have had migraine type headache
> (affected by light) and nausea.  Oh well another help on the way to shed a
> few more lbs.
> Isn't it boring and frustrating trying to be Polyanna!  And no I ain't
> "GLAD" about this! <G>
> Guess the migraine type headache is to be expected since they're caused by
> dilated blood vessels and that's what this med is supposed to do.
> Is this increase in angina something I should follow up at the dm clinic
> April to have arteries checked out?  As expected, lots of cardiac history
> my family.
> Wonder if we can actually choose the gene pool we're going to be born from
> before we "arrive" here ..
> I need coffee but can't yet while osteoporosis drug gets into my system.
> I'll be fine when the caffeine hits in.  Latest study shows it's good for
> the liver <G>
> Rhoda
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