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Re: [IPk] Re: pump features

I don't have the luxury of setting basals by skipping meals with Grace so
that is a bit hit and miss. My problem when I keep her very tight is that we
tend to tip into 3's. Do you sit close to lows ? When I am keeping her tight
I find I'm chasing her a bit and feeding within the two hours. Suits fine a
lot of the time cos she is 5 and loves her grub. Do you chase lows a bit?
Grace's A1c was 6.1% but some of it was hypos due to gluten awaiting tests.
I have been thinking a lot about how best to approach keeping her tight once
we go totally gluten free. Is it basals that allows you keep so tight or do
you leave the full two hours before checking. Do you "correct" spikes after
food? maybe this is all obvious stuff and I know it's way down the line for
us but where I'm at at present seems to resemble injections in some ways as
I can be following Grace. As I say it suits fine and is easier than trying
to read her body to fine tune in the prescribed way as such. Any ideas
though cos your above 5= high is amazing.
Also looking at the course, I had such a strong feeling of... I would only
want to do a module on pumping as I find thinking about injections regimes
like Grace was on, too depressing!
Good luck with the swotting!
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> In message <email @ redacted>, Nanette
> Chana Freedman <email @ redacted> writes
> >But on my new Cozmo (don't know about the other new pumps) there is
> >indeed an insulin on board feature, but you don't have to use it. Also,
> >since there is a special correction bolus feature, which calculates how
> >much insulin to give based on data you set it up with, but again you
> >can always manually alter the amount, it knows that your previous bolus
> >was a correction, and the default then would be not to adjust another
> >bolus for the insulin on board. In other words, it really is quite
> >flexible and intelligent, and when you don't like the results of its
> >calculations, it is not a big deal to override them.
> >Nanette
> Hmm, seeing as I might be looking for a new pump in April, or might be
> waiting for the trial later this year (it is not so much an
> 'experimental' pump, as a pump that isn't yet on commercial release,
> however, it's from a company that might not be able to meet my
> requirements for customer response). ....
> You seem to be saying that if I eat, and bolus, and then ask the pump
> how much to bring down from a high, it will use 'insulin on board', but
> if I correct, and then, an hour later, ask how much to bring down, it
> won't caculate 'insulin on board'.  That seems to me to be exactly the
> wrong way round.
> Could you repeat/clarify: what happens if I correct, but am (as one
> would expect) still high an hour later?  What happens if I eat, and am
> high an hour later?
> 'High', in the way I work it now, is _anything_ over 5.
> Best wishes,
> Pat
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