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[IPk] Re: pump features

I suspect that some of your concerns (understanding that they are
academic at present, but they may be practical for others), about
having clever features like an insulin 'on board' correction, are
needless, since I too was worried about automatic calculations that
would upset my balance.
But on my new Cozmo (don't know about the other new pumps) there is
indeed an insulin on board feature, but you don't have to use it. Also,
since there is a special correction bolus feature, which calculates how
much insulin to give based on data you set it up with, but again you
can always manually alter the amount, it knows that your previous bolus
was a correction, and the default then would be not to adjust another
bolus for the insulin on board. In other words, it really is quite
flexible and intelligent, and when you don't like the results of its
calculations, it is not a big deal to override them.
> I haven't been looking in detail.  I would go for one with a
> percentage
> variation and 2 patterns.  I don't think I need 'insulin on board' -
> indeed, positively don't want it, as while it's important, for me, to
> know that I bolused 0.6 to treat a high an hour ago, and therefore
> still
> have some insulin 'on board', I flat-line after meals, so if I am
> reading high, I _don't_ want the fact that I still have some insulin
> from a bolus to be thought to 'cover' it.
> I would ask what the service standard of the company is.  I would ask
> if
> they would be prepared to enter a service level agreement with me, as
> well as with the purchaser (a legal nicety is involved).  But,
> basically, I want a guarantee that if I say my pump's broken, I will
> have a new pump in 48 hours if I'm in the UK or Europe/NA, and 72 in
> the
> ROTW.  U[ to 2 hours additionally can be spent trying to fix it
> remotely.  A guarantee that all orders for supplies will be filled,
> at
> least in part, within 3 working days (i.e. max wait, from an order
> sent
> in at 17.01 on the Friday of a bank holiday weekend, is until 17.00
> on
> the following Wednesday.  Even if they have to personally courier /
> stick stuff in a taxi to do this, because of an error at their end.
> Size doesn't really matter, but clipping does.
> I would not want to use a manufacturers sets 'only', in case someone
> comes out with a great generic that is cheaper for the NHS, or I
> prefer
> to the sofsets I use now.
> I would want to be able to prime, temp basal, and square bolus all at
> the  same time.
> I would like to be able to programme on my pc as well as on my pump.
> I am sure there are features in my 508 that some manufacturers don't
> have, and I'll only miss when they are gone!
> Hope that helps.
> Many of these 'whys' are very personal - many people like the
> 'insulin
> on board' feature, for example.  
> As always, I want to conclude by stressing, that even if my pump had
> _less_ features (e.g. 2 or only 1 basal patterns, no back light,
> needed
> filling/set changing every 12 hours ... then it would STILL be better
> than multiple daily injections.
> With best wishes,
> Pat

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