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Re: [IPk] Pump delay but good news!

Hi Jackie
Just caught up on all the emails - glad that at least it's not as bad as you 
thought. And it sounds as if they really want to do the pump thing properly, 
which is a good thing (though I think unnecessary to do the whole CGMS thing 
Shame you have to wait a bit longer though.....

Jackie Jacombs wrote:
> Hi All
> I just wanted to thank all who posted encouraging emails after the about
> turn by the hospital the other evening.
> I just needed to talk to people who understand.  I wanted to go down the
> road to talk to one of my friends all yesterday, but I know that she
> wouldn't really have understood like you guys do.
> We were able to view the graphs and explain about the high levels
> (18+mmols ) being very unusual and the reason why we had a series of extra
> boluses of Novorapid the first and second evening.  Dr Matthia didnt freak
> out about the correction novorapid at night at all and seemed ok about it.
> We were also able to show that when we had the one  "good" night that and
> that Sasha's insulin sensitivity was normal that we had reasonable control.
> We were also able to show the hypos that we treated were hypos on our
> monitor that didn't show up on the CGMS.  There was also a strange period
> where the CGMS wasn't working correctly.
> I think that Dr matthai needed more "normal data" to work with and March the
> 8th is too soon for this.
> She was also FOR giving extra units of Novorapid to cover extra snacks and
> large supper snacks which our Cheltenham team were not really OK with.
> I don't know whether Jill the D nurse had given us the March dates before
> talking it though with Dr Matthia or not, but after the CGMS results there
> isn't enough data to be able to use for a move on to a pump with those
> boluses and data.  So we have to keep some food and insulin diary and do
> more testing two hours after meals.  So its not as horrifying as we thought.
> Big sigh of relief after all and hopefully a better nights sleep tonight.
> I don't think that I've eaten properly since Wednesday evening. I feel
> exhausted now.
> Jackie
> Mum of Sasha aged 10 dx 1999, twin sister Rebecca, both coeliac 2001
> Mum also to Danni and Nicola, wife to Terry
> .
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