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Re: [IPk] Re: Sasha's pump now postponed or cancelled!

I found it helpful to bring emails like the following ( with selective
editing etc with me when I was trying to discuss an issue rather than be
told an answer that didn't fit my understanding.
Whatever works!
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From: "Nanette Chana Freedman" <email @ redacted>
To: <email @ redacted>
Sent: 17 February 2005 16:16
Subject: [IPk] Re: Sasha's pump now postponed or cancelled!

> Jackie,
> I can imagine how upset you and Sasha must be. I also know that you
> know all the information, it is the diabetes nurse etc who don't.
> Have you looked at the various web pages about CGMS on the IP web site
> - I did a page a while ago about the accuracy of the CGMS (of course it
> may have improved slightly since then, but I suspect the same issues
> still exist). I certainly experienced hypos, measured by glucometer,
> not registered on the CGMS, and vice versa. What is more, my
> non-diabetic non-hypoglycaemic endocrinologist who was wearing a CGMS
> as part of a study, said that it registered several hypos for him,
> which he is quite sure were not real. When I wore two CGMS's as part of
> a study, they didn't always register the same results, and the same was
> true for the other study participants, diabetic and not.
> CGMS can be very helpful, but with the current state of the art, one
> really has to regard the results with no assumptions about their
> accuracy, and with extreme suspicion at times when they do not match
> glucometer readings and/or what you feel to be true.
> Even the best controlled diabetics occasionally have 'weird' days, and
> it is clear from your description that Sasha had such days on the CGMS.
> I had the opposite experience - most ironic - I was already pumping,
> and had hoped that the CGMS would give me additional much-needed
> insight into what happens on my numerous 'weird' days - and would you
> believe it, my body behaved like a model system during almost all my 3
> 3-day tests of the CGMS!!
> Best of luck
> Nanette
> >Last week Sasha wore a CGMS for 3 days.
> >I feel so upset today.  The diabetes nurse from Gloucester Hospital
> has
> >phoned us having said that the results of Sasha's CGMS were
> "interesting".
> >We did worry that they wouldn't be of help in being able to adjust
> anything
> >because we had three days where we had some extreme BG levels.  But of
> >course that's one of the reasons we wanted a pump.
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