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[IPk] IPk] Re: Sasha's pump now postponed or cancelled!

Sounds like you've got to keep nagging them about this. Of course you know  
what to do! I agree that the CGMS is most certainly not totally foolproof. 
Along  with most everyone else, when I last had this done, I had lows of 
 2.whatever which on the CGMS readout registered in the 4 to 5's! I was so
the  CGMS didn't alarm when I was below thre alarm threshold! (And I double  
checked with two different meters just to be sure). It also registered in the  
 high teens/low 20's at points when the highest I recorded by meter was 13 or
 (Which is vey high for me now I am on the pump). I need to correct anything  
below 6 during the night otherwise I risk BG's dropping horrendously low  and 
having a hypo. (Sleep makes my BG's drop as does excercise). As for carb  
 counting/different carbs...I was talking with the dietician here and he agreed
that diff. foods with supposedly the same carb value can need diff. boluses,  
depending on the type of carbs. ie: with fruit I need lower insulin  amounts 
 than with bread, etc. but this will vary from person to person. However, when I
ran this past the diabetes nurse this week, she disagreed with this  theory 
 totally, as she disagrees with me that when my insulin needs rise, say through
illness or steroid treatment, then my bolusing has to rise too, not  just the 
basals. (And apologies to the DSN if you are reading this! But this is  what 
works for me!) It seems every professional has different opinions. I find  the 
best advice out there is from those who have been there/done that, as  here. 
In the end, you know Sasha best and what makes her tick.
Don't give up!
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