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[IPk] Re: Sasha's pump now postponed or cancelled!

I can imagine how upset you and Sasha must be. I also know that you
know all the information, it is the diabetes nurse etc who don't.
Have you looked at the various web pages about CGMS on the IP web site
- I did a page a while ago about the accuracy of the CGMS (of course it
may have improved slightly since then, but I suspect the same issues
still exist). I certainly experienced hypos, measured by glucometer,
not registered on the CGMS, and vice versa. What is more, my
non-diabetic non-hypoglycaemic endocrinologist who was wearing a CGMS
as part of a study, said that it registered several hypos for him,
which he is quite sure were not real. When I wore two CGMS's as part of
a study, they didn't always register the same results, and the same was
true for the other study participants, diabetic and not. 
CGMS can be very helpful, but with the current state of the art, one
really has to regard the results with no assumptions about their
accuracy, and with extreme suspicion at times when they do not match
glucometer readings and/or what you feel to be true.

Even the best controlled diabetics occasionally have 'weird' days, and
it is clear from your description that Sasha had such days on the CGMS.
I had the opposite experience - most ironic - I was already pumping,
and had hoped that the CGMS would give me additional much-needed
insight into what happens on my numerous 'weird' days - and would you
believe it, my body behaved like a model system during almost all my 3
3-day tests of the CGMS!!

Best of luck

>Last week Sasha wore a CGMS for 3 days.

>I feel so upset today.  The diabetes nurse from Gloucester Hospital
>phoned us having said that the results of Sasha's CGMS were 
>We did worry that they wouldn't be of help in being able to adjust 
>because we had three days where we had some extreme BG levels.  But of
>course that's one of the reasons we wanted a pump.

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