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[IPk] delay Sasha's pump start

Jackie, Sasha

 Just a note to say how much I empathise with you. I just cannot understand the
attitude as everything you've written over the last few years re control etc.
shows you are very knowledgeable ane well capable of at least being given the
opportunity to trial a pump for a few months. The rubbish about you not carb
counting correctly is dire. It is not an exact science - I have a low HBA1c, but
it is constant juggling sometimes a site change makes me need an increased
insulin to carb ratio or the opposite, certainly I need more insulin at
breakfast than any other time - bread needs a higher insulin to carb ratio than
some high glycemic puddings for me. Although I've had diabetes for almost 40 yrs
now, my needs often seem as varible as those of Sasha and yes one can change
from low to high or high to low in a very short space of time but much easier to
sort on a pump. Keep cool, keep pushing, I can't imagine life without the
flexibility of the pump now and just wish I had had!
  the opportunity to use one years ago. One can always go back to an analog
basal/bolus injection regime as a break later on if one wanted to.

Good luck
T1 37rs paradigm pump 18mths
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