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Re: [IPk] Sasha's pump now postponed or cancelled!

so sorry
I understood that the CGMS may not be all that accurate. surely anyone can  
have a bad day and that is one of the reasons you want a pump: to smooth out 
 the unexplained blips. Soemtiems it seems the certain health care professionals
have  a perverse wish to see theri patients bgs fluctuate between unpleasntly 
high and  dangerously low with as few normal bgs as possible: otherwise why 
tell someone  not to  correct at 15 or eat a small snack at 4.8: if the 
 overnight insulin has such a potent effect that you have to go to bed at 15 to
a hypo of  course you will need a snack at 4.8. Perhsps they are given a 
bonus to prevent  patients getting a pump!
/with ant luck the consultant will see how well informed you are and give  
the go ahead anyway. If there is still a delay levemir may be another option:  
far better profile than insulatard
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