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Re: [IPk] Pump start date cancelled.

I haven't been looking in detail.  I would go for one with a percentage
variation and 2 patterns.  I don't think I need 'insulin on board' -
indeed, positively don't want it, as while it's important, for me, to
know that I bolused 0.6 to treat a high an hour ago, and therefore still
have some insulin 'on board', I flat-line after meals, so if I am
reading high, I _don't_ want the fact that I still have some insulin
from a bolus to be thought to 'cover' it.

I would ask what the service standard of the company is.  I would ask if
they would be prepared to enter a service level agreement with me, as
well as with the purchaser (a legal nicety is involved).  But,
basically, I want a guarantee that if I say my pump's broken, I will
have a new pump in 48 hours if I'm in the UK or Europe/NA, and 72 in the
ROTW.  U[ to 2 hours additionally can be spent trying to fix it
remotely.  A guarantee that all orders for supplies will be filled, at
least in part, within 3 working days (i.e. max wait, from an order sent
in at 17.01 on the Friday of a bank holiday weekend, is until 17.00 on
the following Wednesday.  Even if they have to personally courier /
stick stuff in a taxi to do this, because of an error at their end.

Size doesn't really matter, but clipping does.

I would not want to use a manufacturers sets 'only', in case someone
comes out with a great generic that is cheaper for the NHS, or I prefer
to the sofsets I use now.

I would want to be able to prime, temp basal, and square bolus all at
the  same time.

I would like to be able to programme on my pc as well as on my pump.

I am sure there are features in my 508 that some manufacturers don't
have, and I'll only miss when they are gone!

Hope that helps.

Many of these 'whys' are very personal - many people like the 'insulin
on board' feature, for example.  

As always, I want to conclude by stressing, that even if my pump had
_less_ features (e.g. 2 or only 1 basal patterns, no back light, needed
filling/set changing every 12 hours ... then it would STILL be better
than multiple daily injections.

With best wishes,


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>If you had the chance to get a new pump NOW, which one would you select
>and why (differences and benefits of the new choice against what you
>currently use)?
>Hope you don't mind me asking.
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>Hi Adrian,
>Yes, the 508 works differently.  You have three profiles, and they are
>not linked.  So if you decide you want to up the rate from, say 2pm to
>the next rate change (for me at 5pm), then you have to go through three
>set up procedures to get the equivalent of the 80% and 150% rates.  And
>you only have three rates ....
>I wish there was a way of talking about the 'rate' which differentiated
>between 'the rate between 2pm and 5pm' and 'the 150% of normal rate'.
>You are right, setting 24 rates would make things easier, in that if one
>decided that rather than changing the rate between 2 and 5, one only
>needed to change the rate between 2 and 3, but 3 to 5 should stay the
>same, one wouldn't have to write all the rates down, and reprogramme
>everything after 2pm, but simply change the one hour.
>I'm caught between the rock and the hard place and want a newer pump!
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