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Re: [IPk] RE: Sweets v Dextro tablets

On Wed, 16 Feb 2005 15:26:58 -0000, Marion Malik <email @ redacted> wrote:

> Karen,
> We used sweets to begin with when Alex was diagnosed but were told that
> they didn't pull sugars up as quick so changed to dextro.  Alex can take
> a good 15mins before she feels ok.  Would you say that all the sweets
> you noted are as fast acting as the dextro tablets?
> Alex would certainly prefer the sweet option.

There's a bit of difference in the GIs, yes - I think dextrose tabs
will probably be around 90, whereas jelly beans are around 80. But I'd
recommend giving them a try, at least - 80 is still a high GI. Plus I
think different people react more quickly to different hypo foods;
Lesley swears by jelly babies, for instance, but they don't work
quickly enough *in me*. So I'd say try jelly beans and jelly babies
and see how they suit Alex. And maybe buy a GI book, too.

They were right, though - *most* sweets won't be much use for hypos. I
remember being told to eat Mars Bars to correct a hypo, about 20 years
ago. Their GI is about 65 and for me they certainly didn't work fast
enough! Thank heavens we have useful things like the GI these days.

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